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The India – Israel startup connection: INISIATE

Last week, I met up with fellow London Business School alumna and friend Nikita Popat who has been part of setting up an incredibly smart startup initiative between India and Israel that I want to highlight today. Israel is well known for its density of successful high-tech startups. Hardly any VC in the Silicon Valley will fail to search for the best new ideas in Tel Aviv. I remember another Israeli business school buddy (who happens to be a VC now) telling me how in Israel, all his friends wanted to become entrepreneurs and sell their company – nobody planned to become a banker or a consultant. At the most, that was Plan B. So you have a very high number of startups, but they do face the same talent shortages as tech startups everywhere else.

That’s where the Israel – India startup connection comes in. The programme INISIATE – the India.Israel  connection – was founded to create a vibrant exchange of ideas and talent between Israel and India. In the first step, the programme will offer entrepreneurial students from leading Indian universities the opportunity to work in an Israeli startup for 2 – 6 months. Most importantly, it is not just a programme for coders – participants will be able to gain exposure to all aspects of startup life. Read all about the India – Israel startup connection and how to apply on the INISIATE website and make sure to follow INISIATE on twitter for updates as the programme goes live.

I am very excited about this idea and curious about what ideas and opportunities it will generate over the coming years!

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