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London Business School MBA

It’s been over five year now that I graduated from the London Business School with an MBA, in my case with specialisation in finance. Not a week goes by in which I don’t interact and meet with former MBA classmates or other LBS alumni in London or from around the world. It’s time to take stock and reflect on what the MBA in London was worth.

  • Networking: London Business School has a very strong and active network. The alumni network is large enough to have people across a variety of industries and jobs from around the world, yet it is also small enough to be friendly and close knit. You can ask for help or advice from anyone and you should usually get a response. I’ve had classmates asking me for advice on how to get a loan for a small family business or on how to get tickets to art fairs, people asking for help with case studies, alumni swapping holiday homes, and especially in recent years, many alumni get together to work on start-up projects or exchange ideas on new ventures. Of course, networking during your MBA is very important, but it doesn’t stop there. Many alumni continue to use the LBS network very actively following their MBA or MiF (Masters in Finance).
  • Friendships: for me, this is personally the most valuable part. Most of my best friends in London are former LBS classmates (and their partners and children, by now!) and my daughter is starting to be friends with my MBA colleagues’ children! I’ve also made LBS friends years after graduating from LBS by attending networking events and meeting MBA alumni and students from different year groups.
  • Career: Many of you who don’t live in the UK (or US) know there is a hiring bias for local students in these countries. Getting a job in London not easy when you sit in Moscow or Tel Aviv or Berlin, no matter how qualified you are. I found it much easier once I was based in London and attended London Business School. I had always dreamed of living and working in London, and I felt I had to be based in London to really have the opportunities I needed to succeed in my job search in London. Towards the end of the MBA, I had three very attractive offers to work in London, and most of my classmates were in the same situation. Subsequent years were hit by the financial crisis and had to work much harder (and some returned to their home countries where they saw better opportunities)

Do I recommend the LBS MBA? Unreservedly – if you can afford it! The school provides a generous amount of scholarships that you should take into account when looking at the cost of the MBA.

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